Rekey Locks

Rekeying involves a process of lock pins replacement and key change. It's a vital process when you are under the impression that unauthorized people (like ex-employees or tenants) might have the keys of your property. Since this assumption might impose a threat to your security, we rekey locks in Gloucester urgently.Rekey Locks Gloucester

Whether you have a simple lock or a master key system as long as it's rekeyable, you can trust us with the service. Our pros are trained to rekey complex locking systems and deadbolts. So if the superintendent has been dismissed from your apartment building and want to rekey locks, come to us. If you want to ensure internal security at your business after the dismissal of one of your employees, call us to rekey your locks in Gloucester, Ontario.

Should you replace or change the key?

Everyone's concern when losing their key is whether to change or replace it. There is a basic difference between the two services. With key replacement, what you get is actually the same key. So if it's lost, we simply cut you a new one. But it will be a duplicate of the original one. The risk here is that someone might have actually stolen your key to use it to enter your property. And so by replacing the key, you don't prevent the intrusion. By changing the key, the original one cannot be used anymore. Let's see why.

The purpose of lock rekeying

The purpose of lock rekeying is to prevent such terrible surprises. So the process of rekeying involves changing the pins of the lock's mechanism. Once this is done, the freshly cut key is the only one which can be inserted in the rekeyed lock. And so all intrusions are excluded.

When we come to rekey locks in Gloucester, we carry several blanks with us in order to find the perfect match for your lock. Our techs rekey the lock by utilizing special locksmith tools and make you the new key in a matter of minutes. Do you want assistance now? Call our Locksmith in Gloucester!